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Bringing yoga to children and families

At KidsKanYoga we bring yoga to children and families by encouraging exploration and discovery of the mind and body in a fun-filled way. We offer creative programs for all age ranges in a playful environment. Our yoga classes create a foundation for a lifetime of health and wellness.

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KidsKanYoga is the only children’s yoga program in North Alabama. Using unique and creative methods, our interactive classes utilize games, songs and stories to engage the imagination as well as the body and mind. Yoga is not a competitive activity and our approach celebrates each child as an individual.

Jessica Glassman - Co-Owner and instructor

I'm devoted to helping kids develop their mind body connection, grow in confidence and create a foundation for a lifetime of health and wellness. The oldest of six children, I nurtured my creative and passionate nature as I studied ballet at the School of Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnnati.

I discovered yoga while seeking a healthier mind and body after the birth of my first child. I was looking for a way to get fit, relax and regain focus. After experiencing the benefits of yoga for myself, I felt the calling to share the wonderful gifts I had learned with others.

Jessica Glassman of Kids Kan Yoga

I'm certified in vinyasa flow style of yoga through Frog Lotus and studied at their acclaimed school in Costa Rica. I received my kid’s yoga certification with the highly regarded Karma Kids Yoga in New York, New York.

I owned Balance and Breathe Yoga in Florence, taught kids yoga at the Madison YMCA, have led kids yoga summer programs at several locations. I recently opened up a new yoga and wellness center Yoga Fire. Rileigh, my daughter, has been practicing yoga with me for several years.

Alli Batey Co-Owner & Instructor

Alli is passionate about yoga & enjoys sharing it with children. She's worked with children many years & is passionate about inspiring healthy habits in everyone. She discovered yoga seven years ago when her & her husband Jason decided to start making healthier changes in their family’s life. Yoga has allowed her to remain strong, flexible & mentally balanced while leading a busy lifestyle as a homeschooling mom of three. She's now combining her love for children, health, wellness & education to create fun yoga classes for children & families. She’s excited about this new chapter in her life & hopes to see you & your family soon!

Alli Batey of Kids Kan Yoga

She can be reached at at, or call (256) 399 - 9642 and you can keep up on Facebook.

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